Restaurants in Calgary, Alberta


Canada Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning in Calgary loves to find great places to eat. Here are a few suggestions for restaurants around town.

Pigeonhole – Located at 306 17th Ave. SW. in Calgary, Alberta is a new establishment opened in May 2015. The Pigeonhole is owned by the same owner of Model Milk, a go-to destination for food and cocktails. Owner Justin Leboe has created yet another fine dining experience. From the vinyl to the well-curated wine list, customers are raving on Facebook and Yelp about the none less than while ***stellar*** customer service, and excellent food. WhichJenny Rups from Facebook says, “The rock star service was impeccable from start to finish, and the food was next level. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and made our evening extra special with all the little above and beyond(s) switch to that the staff did. Thanks again, we will be back!”

Tyrell Aaron DeSilva from Facebook says, “yea should eat here, PERIOD! Creative, culinary, cuisine people love that the food is designed for sharing so you can stop in for a drink and snack and start the evening. Customers say that Pigeonhole has a wine bar vibe and that Pigeonhole is opposite its name. Pigeonhole is another term used for categorizing things, and Pigeonhole is anything but in a category. With unexpected items popping up on the menu all the time and reasonably priced entrées, Pigeonhole has become a favorite of Calgary and will continue to wow customers.

Char Bar claims to be fresh, sustainable, and local. Established in June 2015 Char Bar stands out from the norm and sits right alongside the Bow River, charming as can be Char Bar uses only the local ocean, prairies, and gardens. Chef Pelland is a globally inspired chef, whose dishes come off as an eclectic and innovative. It seemed after an Argentine wood-fired grill; you can expect a blend of Spanish and Italian cuisine as far as the cooking goes, and a raw bar for easy access. Chef Pelland celebrates vegetarian cuisine and is made it an integral part of the menu. A good half of the options are vegetarian, including most of the small plates that are meant to share such as pistachio and avocado bruschetta and grilled provoleta. The Char Bar is a favorite among customers and locals and is highly recommended to anyone visiting. PS – Rumor has it that the Hardwood Charred Albacore Tuna with Rum Romesco Sauce and Capers and Shaved Fennel is succulent!

The Nash Restaurant & Off Cut Bar are both founded by Chef Michael Noble. In the likeness of Notable Michael Noble first restaurant, the Nash restaurant and Off Cut ‘s bar add a very interesting mix with a dash of urban grit thrown into the mix. The crew is led by Executive Chef Matthew Batey, pastry chef Matt Wilson, and restaurant director David Singleton to make the most succulent dishes the side of the US/Canada border. Chef Noble himself has been cooking for over two decades. He has represented his country in competitions four times, and he’s only Canadian ever to challenge the famous Japanese Iron Chefs. The dinner menu of the Nash restaurant is shocked with anything from smoked steelhead to charter a Pacific octopus to Greek salad, and those are just a few among a plethora of tasty combinations. The dessert menu looks delicious; the cocktail list is never-ending, and per customers, they have everything you desire in a five-star restaurant. Dunn Ker your “Natalie reviewed The NASH NYC = 5 Stars good on December 2, “It was my Birthday last night and couldn’t have been more excited about Celebrating it here! As soon as we walked in the door this place captured me with its warm, inviting interior design to the gorgeous food which was perfect in every way the team here really knows how to take care of the people from the front – end staff to back end staff fantastic.Also, the cool little bar that steps down that you can enjoy the dinner, music filled our ears of fantastic tunes.”


The Best of the Best Calgary’s Finest Restaurants

Anju – Contemporary and Korean, Anju’s own Chef Roy Oh open the doors of this establishment in 2008. This restaurant is highly recommended for visitors, has an award-winning staff, and customer say it never loses luster. The signature dishes are tantalizing, you can order drinks or snacks, dinner or late-night munchies, and they’ve got a good wine list. The Korean fried chicken is a favorite of many you can go wrong with that, crispy tofu with kimchi is said to challenge even people that don’t like tofu. Brunch is served until 5 PM, and apparently, the pork belly and eggs Benedict is phenomenal. Try the French toast with chocolate mousse as well if you want to just go to sugar shock

Rouge – Rouge is located on the banks of the Bow River. It is one of Calgary’s special occasion restaurants, located in a house in the 19th century. Customers say that walking into Rouge is like walking into a friend’s home. Rouge’s menu consists of the freshest ingredients from local farmers, and whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or lunch with your friend’s work, Rouge is sure to be a jaw-dropping experience. With a taste of delicious local ethical food and very astute service, and an extensive wine list, Rouge is on the must try list for restaurant enthusiasts.

Blink-Known as a downtown retreat. Blink is a frequent attendee on the “Best Overall “list every year. Blink is said to have such a yummy menu that you don’t even know what to order because you want one of everything. There is an excellent menu to choose from, with ample selections, an extensive wine list, and an ever-changing menu that moves with the growing seasons Char Bar said to be one of the best restaurants experience on Stephen Avenue by Jeffrey Cobrana, and suitable for a business meeting as well. Per Elizabeth Booth. The food is said to be flavored out of this world, so when you catch your night out at the Art Commons, job in for a bite.