Do You Have In Home Allergy Issues? – It May Be Your Ductwork | Canada Furnace & Air Conditioning Vancouver

It is an interesting dynamic that some people today end up with more allergy problems from the air inside their home (or office) than they do from the outside. We can’t do much to change your office, but here are some possible allergen suspects within the home.

Ductwork that requires cleaning

If you can’t remember the last time that you had your home’s ducts professionally cleaned, it might be time. It is amazing how much dust and other nasty particulate matter can accumulate in the ductwork of the average home. With a little homework, you can find a reputable HVAC company to come out and give them a thorough clean out.

Mould and mildew

These pathogens are usually the result of too much moisture in a given area. Always run vent fans and oven hoods when creating bathroom moisture or from cooking. If overall home humidity is always exceedingly high, consider installing a dehumidifier.


Your furnace and air conditioner filters should be changed frequently and regularly. In addition to maintaining them, considering the quality of your filter is of equal importance. A cheap filter is not going to do the job of a high-quality filter. Check into HEPA ratings on filters for a decent comparative value.


Keeping dust down within the home can be a challenge. Regular vacuuming all your carpets and other textiles is a good start. It’s also a good idea to eliminate dust mites washing your bedding with hot water at least once a week. If it remains a problem, it might be time to consider the installation of an electronic air purifier.


This likely goes without saying, but a build up of animal dander and dust can be a real problem for allergy sufferers.