A Few Things To Do Before You Call Us! – Canada Furnace & Vancouver Air Conditioning


We never mind the call, because let’s face it, the moment we show up at your door the meter is running, and we’re making money! Before you pick up the phone, however, you might want to check some simple things as to why your home’s indoor temperature isn’t what you expect it to be! From our experience, do you really want to pay for a $120.00 service call to replace 2 AA batteries in your thermostat?

Along with that one (which I’m afraid to say we’ve encountered numerous times) here are another few items to check before declaring a “comfort emergency”!

In addition to ascertaining that the thermostat is functioning, is it set to the right temperature and to the right function (i.e. heat in the winter, cooling in the summer)?

Make certain that sliding doors and windows are all closed. You never know when someone might open a window for “a few seconds” and then get distracted and forget to close it again.

Make sure that the vents aren’t blocked. A furniture re-arrangement, some big toys, or who knows what could be blocking either a supply or return air vent, messing up the airflow within the home significantly.

Check the breakers. It may be as simple as resetting the circuit breaker switch. If it continues to trip, however, it’s probably time to bring in the pros!

These are a few “common sense” items that could save you money, time and even a bit of embarrassment.