Air Conditioning Maintenance, It’s That Time

Stephen Gamst - Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Stephen Gamst

In today’s blog post we have Stephen Gamst of Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc. telling us about why you need to have your central air conditioning unit regularly maintained and what a technician will do during a tune-up. Stephen is an expert in air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation and his business is one of the largest and most successful AC repair services in Las Vegas. He has also written the AC Repair Matrix, a step-by-step manual to help you diagnose and repair your air conditioning system. You can find out more about Las Vegas Air by visiting


Summer is approaching, which means your air conditioner is about to go on a cross-country trip. Would you dream of taking your car across the country without getting the tires checked or the oil changed? No way would be most people’s answer, well air conditioners need maintenance too. But, most get abused and neglected, that’s why some last eight years and some people go 25 years with no AC Repairs or trouble at all.

Why Do We Need Maintenance?

air conditioning maintenance

While running and air conditioner are starting and stopping all the time, but every time it starts it is wearing out its windings, burning contacts or wires. Vibration is wiggling loose connections and dirt is collecting on the coils. Water is collecting in the drain pan. Those loose connections could cause you to lose a compressor when you need it the most. Or the water drain can get clogged with dirt or rust causing an overflow which could in turn cause mold and water damage.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Prevents trouble- Have you ever wondered why some people go 20 – 30 years with no needed repairs and their air conditioning unit just keeps on cooling. But, some people have repairs done every year. That’s because a proper A/C install and proper maintenance ensure your machine is not causing itself trouble when it starts or runs. A properly oiled, cleaned and maintained system will run trouble free for many years.

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What We Do, During A Maintenance Tune-Up

Clean – during a maintenance visit we clean all the coils to ensure proper heat removal or absorption, this is the key to efficiency.

Check – during a maintenance we check the amps and the ohms of all the relays, contractors, capacitors and motors. Honing out a relay or motor will tell us how much life is left in the windings and whether they have been taking damage or not. If they ohm out of range we would replace them on the spot to prevent bigger trouble. A capacitor is fairly cheap compared to the $2,800 compressor were protecting.

Tune – we check the refrigerant charge and adjust to get the exact superheat and subcooling required to maintain a healthy refrigerant system and compressor. We also check the starting amps of the compressor and install Kick-Start Kits if necessary to lower starting amps.

With proper A/C maintenance your air conditioner will have its best bet in lasting the long haul.