Do You Have In Home Allergy Issues? – It May Be Your Ductwork | Canada Furnace & Air Conditioning Vancouver

It is an interesting dynamic that some people today end up with more allergy problems from the air inside their home (or office) than they do from the outside. We can’t do much to change your office, but here are some possible allergen suspects within the home. Ductwork that requires cleaning If you can’t remember […]

Can a home be “over-sealed”? – Tips for environmental sealing. | Canada Furnace & Air Conditioning Vancouver

The short answer is yes! While we’ve discussed things like caulking and weather-stripping to seal up leaks in the home, it is possible to seal a building so tightly that a whole different set of problems can occur. In recent years, contractors have been building energy efficient homes with incredibly well-sealed envelopes, high tech super […]

A Few Things To Do Before You Call Us! – Canada Furnace & Vancouver Air Conditioning

We never mind the call, because let’s face it, the moment we show up at your door the meter is running, and we’re making money! Before you pick up the phone, however, you might want to check some simple things as to why your home’s indoor temperature isn’t what you expect it to be! From […]

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How Clean (Or Not) Is The Air In Your Home? Tips For Your HVAC System | Canada Furnace Vancouver

There can be some factors inside any home that determine the level of air pollution present. Sometimes the age of the home can be involved, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In fact, newer “super sealed” homes may create conditions that foster polluted air more readily than older construction. If you have […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance, It’s That Time

In today’s blog post we have Stephen Gamst of Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc. telling us about why you need to have your central air conditioning unit regularly maintained and what a technician will do during a tune-up. Stephen is an expert in air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation and his business is one of […]