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As low as 76 Decibels
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Air Conditioning in Greater Vancouver, BC is quickly becoming a must have with rising Summer temperatures over the last number of years. Air conditioning has also become an expectation for more expensive homes. Everyone use to say it’s only hot for a few weeks a year but not anymore. Tolerating higher temperatures on the top floors is no longer required. Air Conditioners have quickly become more of the ‘normal’ as opposed to five years ago.

At Canada Furnace – we install a number of Air Conditioners every year in Greater Vancouver. Each area has its own set of rules and installation practices.

There are of course many codes for installing Air Conditioners – specifically in Greater Vancouver, BC. When we come out for a free consultation, we will go over all options and potential restrictions you have for installing an Air Conditioner on your property.

We always give you four different levels of cooling systems to choose from for your home. The basic systems work great but have some drawbacks like noise, efficiency and warranty. The options in the middle are quieter, have higher efficiencies and longer warranties. The top end equipment comes with many additional features like multiple compressors, connection to your iPhone, etc. (Some of these features are very much overkill in our opinion). The key is getting the right air conditioner for your Canadian home. Many applications, the basic cooling system, is perfect; many areas the basic air conditioner will work poorly, and an improved system is required. At Canada Furnace – Greater Vancouver Air Conditioning, we always like to give you lots of choices – we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each level, and you can tell us your choice.

Have us out today for a free consultation.

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Selecting the Right Air Conditioning System to Use in Your Home

When you are looking to replace your air conditioning or heating unit in your home or if you are seeking to have a new system installed it is important to know what size unit is going to be needed. To know the properly sized unit to choose our technicians will need to know some information. They will need to be able to calculate the amount of cooling or heating capacity the unit must have to keep everyone in the home comfortable. This is referred to as the load of the home.

The load needed in the home will be based on the square footage of the home. Load calculations also need additional information.

Other things that will need to be considered are:

  • The construction of the home
  • The amount of time the sun is directly shining on the home during the day
  • The quality of the insulation
  • The number of rooms
  • The size of each room
  • The number and construction of doors and windows
  • The floor arrangement
  • The climate that the home is in
air conditioning unit outside of a home

A mathematical formula is used to calculate residential loads. These calculations can be done on the computer, so they are fast and accurate to figure out. Determine the load may not be perfect. It can calculate a system that is too big. This will cost more to purchase, to run, and there will be increased maintenance costs. The system may have a shortened lifespan for frequency cycling on and off.

canada furnace truck

Who Calculates Load

Our Canada Furnace Greater Vancouver air conditioning technicians know how to calculate the load. Other contractors may not do this calculation.

canada furnace trailer

Importance of Using the Correct Sized Unit

Having a unit that is not the right size can lead to several problems.

The cooling load is made up of:

  • The temperature of the air which is called the sensible load.
  • The amount of moisture in the air is called the latent load.

A cooling system may be able to bring down the temperature in the room, but it may not remove the moisture or the humidity in the room. A person may feel cool but rather clammy. Most people allow their air conditioner to run longer which will increase their utility bill.

If there is an oversized unit running, it can lead to the growth of mold and other damage from too much moisture.

A cooling system that is the correct size will run long enough to remove moisture from the air. You will be comfortable, and your system will not have to run as long. It will also take the muggy feeling out of the air.

Air conditioners are sized by the ton. This is how much cooling that they provide not how much the unit weights. One ton equals 12,000 Btu per hour. This is the rate of cooling one ton of ice to 0 degrees Celsius a day.

Heating and Cooling Equipment Efficiency Ratings

The table we have below will show you the efficiency ratings for good, better and best heating and cooling equipment.

Air Conditioner13 SEER15+ SEERVariable Speed 16+ SEER
Gas Furnace78% AFUE80% AFUE94% Condensing Furnace
Heat Pump7.4 HSPF8.2 HSPFVariable Speed 9.2+ HSPF


means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and provides an annual measure of the efficiency of the air conditioner. Higher numbers use less energy.


means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Higher numbers use less energy.


means Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Higher numbers use less energy.

Existing Homes

To cool existing homes, the contractor should check the ducts. They deliver hot and cold air to a room. Ducts may leak or may not deliver the right amount of air to the room. This can increase the operation cost by as much as 50 percent.

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